I'm Willing to Sacrifice The Next Champion Release to Prioritise Fixes and Reworks for Old Champions

Hey all Evil Jester here, Anywho I will be the first to defend Riot to anyone saying that they don't care what players want. After this thread has been posted there were many in support of Reworks and changes for our older champions that at the time we felt were becoming less relevant to the game as more new champions entered with new flashy skills, and sick plays, as well as newer abilities. Riot not only responded to it, but spent that last year (or more) making heavy changes and reworks for our old champions based on feedback to be more relevant with the kits of the newer released champions. All I can say is...... http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-a_UIAq2QSMc/VXBhEIpUc5I/AAAAAAAAB9E/0_jSFKJsDSM/s1600/thank-you.png Though some changes were better than others and I'm sure a lot of us have at least one change we weren't necessarily fond of, but the amount of time and effort put into this project I think is more than deserving of some well earned praise. League has come a long way in development and these updates have brought some welcomed changes to the game and our champions. To the people who gave feedback and upvotes, thank you for the overwhelming support. And most of all thank you Riot Team for the awesome job you all have done on our champions.

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