Unpopular Opinion: Control Mages are too Weak

Hi, So I'll start by saying I know a lot of people hate control mages and therefore I know this will likely be downvoted alongside idiotic and contradictory comments like "They get played in Pro play" and "Their winrate is fine". Look at their stats overall and you'll see what I mean. So first off what IS a control mage? Well a control mage is a carry mage that uses control instead of outright burst to destroy their enemies. Again this sentence will come with a fair amount of abuse because I used the word **carry** there, but in truth this is what they were MEANT to be. Their playstyle was designed to be far more about CC and sustained damage rather then the standard brainless "blast them" or "hit them a few times" of other carries, but nevertheless they WERE meant to be carries. The reason they received such abuse is because they were "too oppressive" which for those that don't know means "I couldn't walk up and 1 shot them without taking damage {{item:3070}} " With this in mind, consider the current state of control mages. {{champion:34}} is a wave clear machine, {{champion:90}} is a walking R with waveclear (assuming no one kills his voidlings), {{champion:61}} is a walking R with, you guessed it, wave clear, and {{champion:127}} is... well it just goes on... Control mages are SLOW, have the worst base stats in the game, and the latest powerspikes. They need to be given back their damage and their ability to trade effectively, and yes OPPRESSIVELY. That's all from me, let the abuse begin! xD -- Loki --
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