@Meddler, any thoughts on Shen?

Since his nerfs for worlds, his winrate has dropped to 45.28% for the player base who have on average played about 42 games with him. I was hoping maybe after the LCS hype dies down, can we get some buffs or QoL changes? For a quick reference, here is a quick list of issues with Shen at the moment. * Lowest scaling armor in the game without compensation * Extremely low scaling HP values for a tank that prioritizes HP * Reliability on opponent being out of position, since Q cannot be concealed from enemy * E hitbox not consistent with visual, no indicator available * W does not feel impactful and is extremely slow compared to the rest of Shen's kit * Ultimate shield does not scale into late game, role as a Warden can be compromised as a result * Q feels more like an anchor than a tool, difficult for Shen to maneuver around opponents if it's not in the right position * Q slow very unimpactful, empowered autos too slow to punish opponents who are fleeing * No way to quickly proc passive shield * First jungle clears very difficult since nerfs to base Q damage * When ulting, position of appearance not indicated to ally Not saying to fix all of these, but I was wondering if the balance team was considering any of these issues in terms of Shen's balance and perhaps some fluidity or consistency changes could bump up his winrate without impacting pro play. I was hoping we could get some news on what Riot thinks of him in his current state.
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