Mages are top tier and their players still ask for buffs

It's so hard to take mage posters seriously when they don't even try to _argue_ that their champ isn't as strong as all stats and their presence across all ranks would suggest. They come in here and post like it's already decided fact that mages are universally weak. We'll ignore how many mages are or have been shitting on people across all 3 lanes and how mages are easily the biggest roster-killers out of any other class in the game when it comes to determining metas, and we'll ignore how by any objective metric mages are either doing perfectly fine or _exceedingly well_ right now. We'll even ignore that AP itemization is somehow 'not good' despite catering to almost all of your needs. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt right here, mages. Give me the most detailed, convincing argument that your champion or champions is/are weak. Explain yourselves and present reasonable discourse or I will curse you with a thousand Hexdrinkers {{item:3155}}

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