Can we get a start-of-game reminder for Pyke's ultimate please?

I saw this post: And the first comment (which has been downvoted into oblivion) made me face-desk and sigh. As a self-proclaimed Pyke main, this kind of dumbass bullshit is more common than it has any excuse to be. People are just outright too ignorant to bother reading the abilities of champions, way too often. It'd be really nice if we had one of those popup reminders at the start of the game that said something like "Reminder: Enemies executed by Pyke's Ultimate provide kill gold to assisting allies". As far as abilities go, that interaction is 100% unique out of the champion roster, so just reminding people who might not be super familiar with Pyke that "hey, don't be an asshole, there's literally no reason why Pyke killing an enemy with his ult is a bad deal for you" would (hopefully) mitigate a bunch of ire. As someone who plays a fair amount of Pyke, it's annoying going into a game knowing it's a coin flip as to whether I get someone who can't be bothered to read his abilities and refuses to listen when I say "you get literally the same gold that I do", and instead opts to whine like a little bitch about their CoD KDA cuz they're in denial about League not being a Team Deathmatch game. Just a QoL improvement I'd like so hopefully at least *some* of these people go away. P.S. This is just one way to solve the issue, there's probably plenty of others. The core problem is just people can't be bothered to actually learn the game, and the blowback ends up falling on Pyke players who frankly shouldn't have to put up with getting flamed for doing nothing wrong.
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