Gonna be honest - vayne doesn’t really bug me that much.

I’m not denying she’s probably too strong at the moment. However, I actually find her to be more tolerable when she’s strong than other ADCs like Cait, Jinx, Kog, etc. Longer ranged carries that can just stand behind their teams and melt you just as rapidly as vayne but from a safer distance are much more frustrating. I realize I just said Kog and that’ll be unpopular around here because he’s immobile, but he more than makes up for it with his W and playing with a brain because it’s so easy to peel now - just auto attack and stand by your front line. Vayne, on the other hand, can’t actually do that. She has to get very close and then kite and engage in a series of kiting and chasing, so often times she can’t even focus the same target for a long period of time because she’ll stay too close and die. So this makes her incredibly suspectible to mages, because they often-times our range her and burst her in fights (ask a Vayne player about how much they hate ryze/Annie/Sandra/Lissandra). Again, I absolutely think vayne is too good right now - they could definitely stand to reduce her stealth duration. But I actually find her to be one of the more interactive and engaging ADCs that has a more unique play style. Sure it’s point and click, but at least she has to get very close. Very few “hyper” carries have this risk. But people hear %hp true damage and lose their minds (not that I disagree that the concept is dumb) and lose logical thought patterns. Being honest, I’d much rather have a longer ranged ADC late game than have vayne because her siege is weak; her pushing power lacks; and her teamfight is super comp dependent (and when you consider these things, that’s probably a clear indicator that she’s overperforming right now since those things don’t seem to matter). In short, Vayne’s design does not really bother me much. Downvote away. 🎻
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