You wanna know why you're hardstuck silver and gold ?

The game is literally so easy, but players in silver and gold are some of the worst I've ever seen, I don't even wanna know what's going on in bronze and iron. I see "players" going for kills, flashing igniting suiciding... just to get one kill, nothing after that, no objective, just spend everything you have to get one kill and give a kill to the enemy and assist money. How is that worth in your brains, idk, but that happens in literally every game. Played a game in gold and had a fed hecarim on my team that was doing a fucking ocean dragon 30 mins in, when it was so obvious the enemy team is coming, he still did it and wanted to fight them, he kills one on the enemy team and dies but he thinks he did good... while the enemy team can do baron now freely and win the game. Hecarim exact words were "2 ocean drakes op". While the enemy team did baron and ended the game. Before that he was blindly going in 1v5 to get kills, I literally couldn't get a normal team fight in 35 mins, because someone was always dead or a braindead full tank olaf split pushing for no reason. Every game is the same, 45% win rate "players" doing stupid shit and thinking they're doing something great. Game is so easy, you only have to play safe, focus on cs, focus on objectives, save your flash sometimes if you can have a big teamfight in the future and use the flash there to get kills BUT also secure objectives later. Why is that so hard to figure out Idk... But I'm tired of this stupid ass players making the game 1000000000x harder than it is. What's even worse, even when you climb out of that shithole, you get plat and low diamond players stuck in d4 not even trying to win because they get +10/-20 LP and can't demote. What's even even worse, you get riot games that just can't understand how can players get toxic. Jesus christ...
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