How to beat Vayne as adc?

Ya, this is serious question. I was playing against Vayne as adc around 15 times and everytime I just lost duels with her. I just know that I shouldn't stay near to walls cuz she can stun and rekt me (well, she rekt me still anyway). I can beat her when play tank (frozen heart, randuin etc), but when i play adc, im just usless against her. She isn't so nice in early, but late/mid game? Gosh, she is a monster then. But nvm, I mean duels at late/mid game when I play adc too. Is this possible to beat her alone? She kill me in 2 seconds. -1600 dmg from her passive and untargetable when use R (dont give a shi.t about my auto attacks). Thesse 2 skills give her possiblity to 1 v 5, literally. So how to kill her until she will kill u? Some tips, builds or maybe some adc conter her?
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