True damage and armor pen

These are the culprits of this damage problem we seem to have. Armor has become a joke of a stat. Mr seems to be doing fine? Why? Because it’s reduced by 35% then maybe 30 after that. So let’s use 200 mr as the example. 200-30 = 170 170*.65 = 115 Let’s look at armor. Black cleaver 24% Lord dominiks 35% 3 lethality items and lethality rune. 60( it higher) 200 - 60 = 140 140*.76 = 106.4 106.4*.65 = 69.1 That’s a pretty big difference. Note this is doing the math is ways to reduce the lowest amounts possible due to me not knowing exactly how they stack together. The reason this damage fetish is happening is there is way to much pen and shred in the game.
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