Balance team is buffing TOO MUCH

I can't even understand what's happening at Riot's HQ back in the old days, Morello used to buff 3 champions and nerf 10 of them every patch this was already discussed years ago in this old thread to which CertainlyT answered by (basically) "we nerf as much as we buff" but HERE IS THE PROBLEM, when you look at today's patch you get this : can you look at this, and say "we're buffing as much as nerfing?" you get x3 more champions buffed than before, and way more than champion's nerf why is {{champion:53}} getting a range buff on his hook, when {{champion:555}} is a better blitzcrank? the thing is that when you look at every patch, you read **complete non sense** you try to understand if Riot understands the concept of "balanced around". Blitzcrank was balanced around 1050 range hook **for 9 years straight**, it never changed why is it being changed now just because pyke has been released? **STOP POWERCREEPING YOUR GAME** Fiora Q can hit towers now? This is the perfect example of riot not knowing that they're powercreeping their game over and over again, you're changing mechanics and numbers that remained untouched for so long, because your new champions {{champion:555}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:517}} are being released with absurd mechanics. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}

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