Pantheon skill set

Hello to all, I wanted to make a post about the new skill set that panth has been given. As much as I like when I saw what Riot teams has made at first, I find it a little unevenly matched against most champs. Problem is he has low dmg with each skill, Q does decent only when empowered with the passive. That makes poor snowballing and with the missing old passive this champ now gets his Hp shot down so fast you can't spare time farming or harasing the enemy. Don't get me wrong but I played him since the patch was released and I have been giving every hard try that I can, to study his skills and play with the combos which you can use. What I got so far is, if your skills are empowered you will do decent, but if I go and try hitting with the non-empowered skills I will just bother the enemy with my presence. W is almost the same as before I like the fact it is doing the quick 3 strikes when empowered, but that way you use it and then the spear shot goes to be weak I would say could the normal shield stun give the 3 strikes and the empowerment give the bonus dmg since Panth really is about his passive now he needs somehow to generate it nor only hopping on slow normal hits or waiting on cc for the next skill shot so he can get empowered. E does 0 dmg right now, I have yet to see ( no matter how fed I am ) and make decent dmg with this skill. Great that it protects from incoming damage but it should provide some form of danger to the opponent. If I may suggest that it would do % dmg of enemies hp ( missing hp or from current hp) that would make a difference. Going back to the Q, many players have tried pantheon I think and I wonder how many did see that the range hit box of the Q is questionable ?? I had more than 30 games with him maybe even more and I had so many shots that I see and know are going to hit my target, yet it lands right in the middle of their feet doing nothing. I suggest for Riot team to do look at this skill shot , because I am sure it is not the way they wanted it to be. Again not going for the "pls return old panteon" crap, but rather look in some detail after his release to see is he really an equal champ in the league. Because somehow he doesn't feel the strong spartan way as he was, I had plenty of ppl ingame which made really serious comments about how low key this champ has become, he is predictable, easy to snowball and a low treat. From time to time I have games in which I get a good score but that is only when I play against ppl who are with a bad judgment and get shot down easy. Please look and give your thoughts , this is a topic to gather opinions and ideas for adjustments that could a little bit even out Pantheons play in the field. I would appreciate if Riot does take part in this post and would consider having a second look on the champ. No hate, lets be grown and discuss this like real game-players. Thanks in advance to all who give an honest fact and opinion on this matter.
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