Ahri Problems and ways to fix them

I've been an Ahri player since season 3 and i've noticed that ahri is getting weaker and weaker every season. Ahri's whole problem started with the movespeed on her q, that one buff took away her counterplay and used up some of her power budget, the latest change to ahri was a nerf to both her ult and W, they say that they were to reliable. lets be honest. her w has terrible damage and terrible scaling, and does less the more they get hit by it, and lets not forget that the range was nerfed back in season 5, heck not all the fox fires hit enemies the one that spawns behided ahri always hits a minion even if i use sprit rush to get in all the fox fire will not hit. to fix her W buff the damage if the target is charmed, and make the boxes center on ahri, not their own boxes Ahri has to land all her abilties to kill. makes sense right? but the mana cost to all in is way to high. 100ult,85charm,70q,50w. 305 mana to all in, and you wont have full mana becasue ahri has to poke to make sure her all in kills, her mana costs are too high and the reward for poke is not worth it a way to fix this is to decrease mana costs or make her poke do more damage so she doesnt have to use her q more in lane. personality i just dont see ahri as rewarding as a champ as she use to be. syndra lands a stun, you are dead, lux lands a snare you die, fizz land ult you die, annie land stun you die, ahri lands charm 50-75% hp lost. that is not good enough for the high mana costs espesicaliy since charm doesn't go as far as abilities stated above. i just want her to be better for players who put in the time to wait for the perfect moment if anyone has ideas on what can be done to ahri leave comments, i want to start a discussion about her state in the game
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