Phantom Dancer

Since Worlds is going on right now, I know that nothing major will be changed, but I'm going to put this out there as a recommendation for maybe the pre-season updates. If any of you remember, back when {{item:3053}} was enabled for ranged champions, ADC's would build it, and specifically Kog'Maw. It was possibly the most aids thing you can fight because he was basically un-killable with Lulu, so thankfully, Riot acted on this and removed the option for ranged champion to purchase steraks, which was great. Now with the new {{item:3046}} it has come back to haunt us. It is not as bad as steraks on adc, but there are similarities. This similarity is the shield. Riot has just contradicted themselves with this. In my opinion Phantom Dancer is one of the strongest items in the game, it provides too many stats for one item. "30% attack speed, 25% crit, 5% movement speed, A unique passive SPECTRAL WALTZ: Basic attacking a champion grants Ghost ghosting and 7% bonus movement speed for 2 second (which is basically phage passive that stacks if you buy a phage), and LIFELINE: If you would take damage that would reduce maximum health below 30%, you first gain a shield that absorbs 240 − 600 (based on level) damage decaying over 2 seconds (90 second cooldown)." As you can see, Phantom Dancer gives 240 - 600 damage shield that decays over 2 seconds. The item provides defense, mobility, and damage. It has a super easy build path, and only totals to a cost of 2600. I believe the best solution for this item is to change the decay time to 1 second or lower the shield amount or completely remove the passive as a whole, and maybe revert PD to what is was before. Let me hear what you guys think.
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