Unpopular opinion: Tanks should not be buffed like crazy cause they're not fun to play against

Tanks have loads of CC, are still really hard to kill even in this damage meta and take less mechanical skill than any other class in the game. Why should they be buffed when they're already good/viable? Additionally we still have some tanks being issues, namely Leona, Singed, Galio and Alistar. The current PBE buffs I'm somewhat ok with however because they're for tank champions that need a lil bit of loving to be effective. However I'm against buffing tanks who are already well off. I'm also against Riot adding any more CC into this game. There needs to actually be less CC in this game now, since it feels like every champ is getting a CC ability. Hell, even Akali has 2 forms of CC now. Damage creep? That's got nothing on CC creep. Whenever tanks are meta they are NOT fun to play against for anyone, and they're not very fun to play as either. Everyone is saying they want the tank meta back and yet if that really does happen people will whine even more than they are in this "damage meta".
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