Runepage rework

I would like to be able to pick my skins rather then a random skin and this is because I bought these runepage thinking this would be like investing in house or gold. I did not think it would ever get changed so im quite dissapointed and if I knew I would not buy 20 rather just around 6. So this is money I would not spend on league. I know a company cant just go refunding a bunch of money so for me the middle ground is to get the rp back and let me spend on whenever I want. I feel this random skin we get as compensation is not fair since its a big probability I would get a skin I dont even care about. Opening a box can be fun but I would never spend any rp to open a random box. Im the kind of person who hates to gamble. If I want a skin I would rather buy it directly and thats how I done it in the past. Besides from this negative experince I think riot have done a great job with this game for the casual players to be able to get boxes and keys for free and missions also help to be able to work together with lower elo friends on a common goal.

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