I thought it was a joke I truly did but I confirmed it

A few months ago I made a new account to play using other champions other than my mains and get to learn them, its lvl 16 and by now the system puts me against other players that also use alt accounts. So far those games have been very fun and of intense high quality, unlike the ones I have in my main account which are mostly trolls and first time (x) champion. Then I remembered a friend of mine and even posts in this forum saying there is a point your MMR gets stuck and puts you with the most shitty players possible and I have just confirmed it. The MMR on my main account is so bad that its rare not to get a troll on my or the enemy team, the games are of very VERY low level and everyone just trolls all around. But in my alt account it's all the opposite, so I came to the conclusion that it really is true about your MMR getting stuck and shit. LOL im glad Im leveling up this new account to get rid of my old main once and for all, IDC if I have skins on it once my new account reaches lvl 30 It will be my new main.

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