ADC died back to back

Was put massively behind on my Support quest. Even though I could stay in lane, I got a full 200 gold behind the enemy support as I couldn't proc any Tribute stacks. Afterwards couldn't defend the tower from the fed enemy mid laner as I had no good access to vision. He and the bot lane got 4 plates and a tad later the tower for free. From there the bot lane was way too ahead (from the plates) so we had to cede any lane to them, never getting access to a tower either. Not that it mattered as they were dancing between 2 lanes for wave clear as the enemy Talon got the full map as a playground. It took me something like 3 minutes only to get the missing 50 gold I needed just 'cause no one was there to get hit. This was one game. Can't say we would have won it before the Spellthief changes. Can't say this will happen even 5% of the time. But i remember this one fight, right before our tower fell. we had a 4v3 and could have won that fight if vision didn't fail us as the enemy dipped in and out of it. My Frostfang was sitting at 445 gold. There is not a single doubt that before the changes, I would have had wards for that fight. After all, my adc essentially left me alone for close to a minute and a half with nothing but 2 champions who only cared about my tower. I will not blame the adc. We all have bad games or even just bad luck. I don't care if they died twice. I care that when it came to potentially turning the game around, I couldn't do it for reasons that were completely out of my hand. Support is the warding role, anytime any other roles does it the option is removed. And yet I couldn't get my team back into the game because I didn't even have the option to do that very thing, warding, at 14 minutes in the game, when I should have had it at 10 minutes easily.
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