Everyone hates on "added burst from Duskblade"

but far fewer people complain about Trinity Force or Sheen {{item:3147}} costs 2900, gives lethality and the passive burst component. At level 10, this will deal 93.5 damage. (17.2 armor pen at that level.) {{item:3057}} costs 1050, gives 100% base AD on proc, 1.5sec CD. {{item:3078}} costs 3733, gives 200% base AD on proc, in addition to the tons of other stats it gives. Lets take a look at 4 champs at level 10, 2 who dont build TF, one who always does, and one who can opt to. If they build Duskblade, they will all deal the same amount. (93.5) {{champion:238}} has 89.3 base AD at level 10, so with TF he deals 178.6. Now Zed never buys TF because he wants to get his combo off without waiting for more procs, and also because he has no mana. {{champion:91}} has 92 base AD, TF proc deals 184. Talon doesnt buy TF because he really wants the lethality component and he tries to execute his combo in as little time as possible. {{champion:39}} 94 base AD, TF proc deals 188. Staple of her build. Can look to proc it multiple times per fight. {{champion:78}} 95 base AD, TF proc deals 190. Can build it but needs tank items to perform role. So just from a math perspective, TF brings far more burst than duskblade and can be looked to proc several times in a fight. But you dont see anyone complaining about it. The easy access to lethality and the inability of champs targeted by builders of lethality to get armor into their kit early is the real culprit here
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