Post death tips [Suggestion]

So this post comes from my hate toward inters and feeders, so I came up with a solution (that a lot of games already use) My suggestion is to offer post death tips based on how the person died, after about 3 deaths or so, these tips begin to show up. The tips would pop up on the side, and include things like: (If the player dies to a teemo shroom) You can use the sweeper trinket to hunt out teemo shrooms and even a sneaky teemo hiding in brush. You can purchase {{item:3156}} to greatly decrease the impact of teemo shrooms, and potentially save you from dying to it. (If a player dies to Illaoi) Illaoi is very immobile, so as soon as she uses her ultimate you should try to gain immediate distance (If a player dies by diving the entire enemy team) You should always stick with your team to avoid getting picked out by the enemy team unless you know what you are doing (If a player dies to Yasuo) Time to afk Yasuo can easily catch you by dashing to your minions, to avoid him best, avoid your own minions so he cant dash all the way up to you (If a player dies to Shaco) You can see shaco using his teleport ability in the fog of war, so keep an eye out for those particles to know when he is coming to get you. (If a player dies to lux) As soon as lux lands her snare, she can deal tremendous damage, always be alert for the snare, and try to dodge it. Things like this I believe can greatly reduce the amount of feeding that can go on, simply because a player just does not know to fight a particular thing. Feeding usually leads to inting, so I believe this can help reduce that too. Thanks for viewing, have a good one.
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