Yasuo is incredibly annoying

I don't care if hes technically balanced because of numbers/whatever, his kit is ridiculous and playing against him is one of the worst parts of this game. He has a ton of mobility and a bunch of unnecessary passives (like the doubled crit chance & his bonus penetration in his ult), his windwall is total bullshit and is too powerful to not be an ult, and playing against him just makes you want to scream and rip your hair out. And unless his kit completley changes he's going to continue to be this frustrating to play against. And we all know he's probably not going to get changed because he makes those LC$BIGPLAY$ for Riot Game$. edit: Don't suggest ways to counter/beat him please, I know how to deal with him in lane my sole issue is that his kit, no matter his state of balance, will always be toxic and annoying. Stop saying "git gud" lmao
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