I'm on strike and If you love this game too, maybe you should come with me

Been playing since 2013 I really love this game. but over the past few years: I've noticed inorganic metas, forced overbuffs of certain champs to 'spice up the meta' as opposed to trying to keep the roster in approximate parody i've noticed that tanks are either trash or completely bonkers to fight against, and the same story happens with everything. Either it's just maokai healing all his health back while taking no damage and permaccing you, or it's darius healing all his healthback and then executing you, or it's irelia, in mid this cycle exists between the different types of mages and assassins, in bot lane we see this cycle with differing adcs or supports, but it seems like the game has devolved into one bullshit no counter champion in each lane until riot 'fixes' the problem by then nerfing a champion into non-viability or overbuffing another champion to just take over as the new bullshit champ.. or both I've noticed how there are always more toxic people no matter how many get banned, because riot has been ineffective I've noticed champ design seeming homogenious.. sorry but in the last year and a half we got Akali, Qiyana, Irelia... They're not the same champions but at their core they really do fit the same types of niche. I've noticed a lot of champions amounting to copy pasta of older kits and then translated to different rolls (Pyke is AD assassin Nautilus) I've noticed politicization in the game, which will always alienate a chunk of the palyerbase: Look I do not want to go into specifically what, but there is definitely a political alignment in riot games, Further discussion of this is pointless, I wish for it to be removed. It's inherrently going to discriminate against the majority of the world when the company of riot games starts espousing personal political beliefs. I've noticed a lack of initiative to try out new game modes. Onslaught, ascension, nexus blitz, dude these modes all had what it takes to be at least valuable niche modes. Sorry but a company as large as riot games has no excuse to not include these modes, especially not claiming it's a manpower issue. You're one of the largest companies in gaming, backed by one of the largest companies in networking, and you can't fucking make another map that holds up in the casual scene? How many types of players are there? What are our backgrounds? The majority come from three different areas, RTS, Hack and Slash, and MMORPGs. And yet riot games takes nothing of a hint of ideas from these gaming communities as to how they could put out fun content. I've noticed Hypermonetization for next to nothing.. wow I got the yellow skin only cost me either 200$ in lootcrates or 40 fucking hours of game play in a week. The same fucking champions get skins simply because they sell the most. Do you really think the 30 or so interns that would make a trundle skin cost so much money that it completely nullifies any sales from a skin for someone like trundle or ivern? you'll sell at least ten thousand skins that might cost 10$ for the person buying them. I've noticed unethical balance discretion around skin release, which undermines the esport of the game. The esports narrative hasn't been abandoned but the spirit has: We have too much streamlining. The idea that a champion with a lower skill ceiling should have as much impact as a champion with a higher skill ceiling for example. the idea that this game would one day become a sport to rival the NFL or at least the NBA for decades to come, to show your kids your awesome League of legends account when you're an old man. That was actually plausible a few years back but riot games went on the hypetrain to lootcratetown. I've noticed that the social dymanic is actively suppressed: Talk in chat too much? seriously if you're even accidentally offensive you can get banned these days. We have little to no community content boiling down only to tier lists and meme building streamers, or outplay montages. There aren't chatrooms, we can only have a few hundred people on our friends list which would be fine if our clubs weren't capped at 3 clubs and 50 accounts per club, which means alts and smurfs can't actively be in the same club. We don't have a weekly twitch stream like so many other large games do, think about warframe doing a regular update stream with chat and explanations. They show off new art, works in progress, even scrapped content. They have little minigames. Basically every few weeks Digital extremes puts out a live event with ten of thousands of viewers, free shit, and actuallly interesting content I've noticed that I'm often stuck in matches with people far above my skill level or far below it: Look, I do not harbor any ill will towards people who aren't good at this game, nor do I wish to stomp them. There is nothing fun about being a walking stat block and just slamming my skull against towers until the enemy nexus is dead and i'm 20/0 because someone had the sheer audacity to be forced into an autofill role and then placed against other players who are more adept at league of legends.. Nor do I want to put up with the fucking inverse in which I'm the shitter, letting everyone down, while being autofilled jungle after dodging because I got autofilled jungle and everyone in the game has a much higher mmr than I. So both sides of that sword suck ass. So if I want this game to do better, I'm not going to spend any money, or play it. I'm going to go play other games, I'll be making a clan/club/guild tag in whichever game i settle on calling that organization "Lol On Strike" or some variant thereof. I fully encourage everyone else to do this, riot has lost their way, I theorize (Without evidence)that this is mostly due to the market team and shareholder analysis determining direction over people with a passion for competitive gaming or even just a passion for gaming overall. If you want league to do better, seriously consider taking a long break and watching.. if they get hit in their wallets then they'll either listen or league will get replaced by someone who see's the opening in the market, either way we win. GG ~hammer

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