crit changes may make the stat more melee friendly

just thinking about it, the main reasons melee champs have usually avoided crit is because they can't >usually< go the full ADC path that would let them damage tanks (e.g whisper pen and 80% crit etc) and because it doesn't often let them get tanky enough to survive a grouped fight to begin with. with Infinity Edge changing its purpose towards DPSing down tanks with a true damage conversion on crits, and being able to get slightly more crit with fewer items, could this change? as a rough example build, you could now run something like {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3156}} on a good chunk of auto-based fighters who can use all of these stats to good effect, with good damage, decent survivability, and some wiggle room for last item depending on the champion/rune setup; Conqueror users might not need to buy a pen item at all. in lieu of lifesteal, most fighters already have innate durability through sustain or shields, so you can pick up a {{item:3035}} upgrade in your build if you lack innate pen or want to double down, or you can grab a tank item to make yourself harder to kill. OTOH most fighters also have in built steroids, so you might not need build so heavily into offense yourself. i think it might be a viable build path for fighters to better handle tanks in the coming patches.

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