League of Legend's current balancing crisis can be boiled down to just two words...

Damage creep. Riot has gradually shifted it's previous [design philosophy](https://askghostcrawler.tumblr.com/post/155359682718/why-is-burst-such-a-bad-thing-on-assassins-why) to something entirely different. To many people, it was a complete U-turn from an otherwise good code of design. Time to kill in a moba should be significantly lower than any other game (for the most part) because the roots of League of Legends are made up of strategy and in depth thought processing. League attracted so many people because the expression of skill was potentially limitless. And that's why so many people are sad. Many of you see these posts flooding the boards and just mock them. People are leaving and you people just say your cheeky little _"bye"_ without much thought of what League could have meant to the person leaving. Veterans fell in love with a League that promoted strategic maneuvering, not _I got unlucky and was instantly killed_ or _I was foolish and got caught out, but luckily I have three dashes and a blink_... These passionate players making these long posts on the boards are pushed to a breaking point because they're watching a game they've sunk countless hours into change for the sake of change. **Riot is pushing out strategy in favor of flashy playstyles and in-your-face damage,** With the amount of damage flooding the game, more people need dashes and mobility. And if your champion doesn't have burst damage, they give you more mobility and damage. Such as Poppy or even Brand. Little niche damage dealers are being broadened to fill any category. That can be said for Brand once again. He went from a convenient widdling damage-over-time mage to a burst mage who can still do damage-over-time. (Not saying Brand is or isn't op, just an example) and this change is in large part simply to please the newer crowds. It makes sense for a company to wish to cater to newer players. How else will they continue to thrive? But at what cost, Riot? You're losing many passionate players who have sought your game out of all the others. If they want a split-second, reactionary style game, they will play Overwatch or literally any other mainstream game. League doesn't have to completely abort it's former charm with _tons of damage_ to survive. This new damage obsessed generation will pass, and if you're not going to listen to these "spamming baby board posts" you won't have any former players to fall back on. Also, to fellow community members: don't just mock fellow players for being passionate about the game. It doesn't make you edgy or cool. It's just mean and crude.
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