Kick Smiteless "Junglers"

We've all had the occasional game where the jungler forgets Smite despite being told in chat. The timer slowly counts down to zero and we're basically in a game with no jungler. Especially in ranked, it forces someone on your team to dodge if it looks like your jungler is AFK without Smite. The solution would be to automatically kick the jungler when the timer reaches zero and no one on the team has Smite. This is more fair because others shouldn't suffer dodge penalties for a jungler's inattention. You'd still be allowed to trade since there's no issue as long as someone has Smite. Another way to reduce the chance of this happening in the first place is to automatically give the jungler Smite on the key he used in previous jungle games. In case of a trade or a change in preferences, he can still modify it but this would avoid accidental smiteless jungler games.
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