Please, Riot. For the 100th time: REMOVE KEYSTONES FROM THE GAME

All these have done is made sure that champions who already snowball can do so even harder to the point where just buying 6 of these{{item:1006}} and fucking running it down mid is more fun than actually making an attempt to comeback because it's pretty much impossible. Teamfights in season 5 were so much better because they weren't over within 5 seconds after the 25/0 Qiyana came in with her already fed ass and made sure everyone was dead before it is physically possible to even react thanks to dark harvest. I can also assure you that watching prolonged fights in LC$ is a million times more entertaining than watching everybody get one shot and the game ends in like 20 minutes. You balance the game around pro play, and still doing a bad job at that because people are losing interest in watching 5 second teamfights all day and see the same 10-15 champions played in literally every game. Sorry but I had to use caps in the title because that's now the only way to get somebody's attention.
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