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[]( Hello guys, I'm Flamer Lord, working on improving the game as best I can and make League of Legends the best possible experience for each and everyone of us. I've already posted a thread about de-randomizing Critical Chance, which you can find **[here](** #Today I'll be talking about Pings and why we should be able to mute them ######AND BY MUTE THEM I MEAN A SPECIFIC PLAYER, INCLUDING THE IMAGE (NOT JUST THE SOUND) ****** _We've all played with toxic players, we know how irritating they can be. Insulting, threatening, griefing, etc. Well, they can also ping you excessively and there's nothing you can do about it. Even if you mute them, which is a good start, you will still hear their pings trying to tilt you_. So we've got reason number 1. * **Pings can be used by toxic players as a way to harass.** _Then, there is also the player trying to play for you._ _The only thing he does in his game is trying to tell you what to do and what not to do, but he seems not knowing it well for himself; he is most of the time having not doing so well. I believe muting his chat sounds excessive, because he isn't technically harassing, but muting his pings can save you from a bad experience._ Reason number 2: * **Some players are trying to play for you. That can be extremely annoying.** _Finally, there is that game when you know you're going to tilt and just don't want to hear your team trigger you. But hey, you can't mute pings right now, so if you're sightly irritated and about to reach oblivion, then that can be the thing to make you explode. I know what I'm sayin boiz, I'm el Flamer Lord after all._ Reason number 3: * **Sometimes, you just dont want to hear pings, at all.** ****** _Feel free to comment and give your opinion below._ ##Thanks for reading.
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