Spellthiefs nerf

Hello fellow boarders, I'd like to address my frustration with the road Riot went with nerfing spellthieves edge. I have been a Zyra one trick since season 3. I'm not proud to say it because my champion has been disgusting from time to time in the bot lane and I know it. Now, in both patch 9.2 and 9.3 Zyra has been getting small but noticeable nerfs. Since I'm pretty decent on the champion I'm able to work around it and still play her good enough around my elo (platinum). The nerfs part are not the main thing that frustrates me because her damage numbers can indeed be overwhelming. But the spellthiefs nerf is a straightup nerf to her gold income, unreliant of how you play her. In gold and platinum, as my fellow support players probably know, your AD carry will chimp out from time to time. Zyra is no Alistar, is no Braum, is no Tahm Kench, we're not saving you when you get cc'd under enemy tower. So you die. This leaves me solo in lane fairly often. Now taking cs on champions like Zyra, Brand or Vel'Koz is not as punishing since you're basically a secondary midlaner but punishing these champions for not being able to get gold from your spellthieves is just ridicouless. Let me stretch 2 scenario's that happen often enough for me to notice them in my games: 1. My AD and I get into a 2v2 fight, the enemy botlane both die and my AD also dies in the process. This leaves me solo in the lane, I try pushing out the wave and get some hits on the enemy tower. These hits on the enemy tower used to give me spellthieves gold which was (in addation to a turret plate) very significant. Now there is no reason to get those hits in on the enemy tower because you're just "stealing" the turretplate gold from your AD. 2. My AD chimps and dies 2v1 which leaves me solo in lane under my tower. CSing under tower as an AP support like Zyra is fairly hard to execute especially early-ish in the game. Your auto's don't do enough damage and your spells are AOE. So when I know I can't clear waves properly I try getting harrass on the enemy botlane to get my goldstacks. Again, this won't work now simply because my AD missplayed which punishes ME even more now. This is extremely frustrating since the sole reason why I started playing Zyra was so that I'm able to carry myself when my AD is lackluster and so I can have some fun doing it. Furthermore, looking at this competitive wise. Yes the Zilean klepto-spellthieves top is not fun and interactive to watch. But can we also look at the fact that Alistar, Braum, Tahm Kench and now Ornn are top of the meta in competitive in the supportrole. Spellthieves and Coin both took a hit, what happens to the botlane meta? Even more tanks u say? I say you're right. Im tired of getting 1v1'd by Alistar/Leona that outdamage me and don't take any punish for it because Aftershock is still a thing. Nerfing spellthieves was not the way to go with this nerf. I would have definetly suggested looking at Klepto instead. Ezreal is kicking around 80% winrate in competitive and is not receiving any hits in the patch notes. This champion gets so much gold while playing the safest way possible in the bot lane which is also extremely un-fun and not interactive. It's not fun to play against an AD that sits back, throws a Q from time to time and BlessRNG gives him 100g for it. Oh yea and don't think about ganking him either because he has a build in Flash and another Flash on summoners if needed. I hope this explains my frustration with the way Riot went with this road and hope some action will be taken, because this is just punishing AP supports for having incompetent AD players even more while it already is a big punishment to play with bad botlaners. Greetings.
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