Lack of key fragments...

I'm just trying to figure out if I'm getting terrible luck or if anyone else is having the same experience with key fragments that I am... Now sometime during s7 I took like a 5-6 month break and before that break the honor system hadn't been put into place yet and we would have a chance at receiving keys for games that we won... Now no matter what I would always get enough keys to open my 4 monthly chests... Since I've been back for maybe 2 months now I've noticed that the winning games no longer grants you key fragments but instead the honor system randomly gives anywhere from 2-4 majority of the time being 2.... Now I've never been one to get salty in game or been on chat restrictions or any of the sort and frequently get honors but in the short time that I've been back I've accumulated 3 extra chests with no keys to open them unless I by the keys.... Am I the only one experiencing this shortage of keys and over abundance of useless chests???
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