Why NOT to Rework Yorick: A Champion Left in the Dust

So, for everyone who has not played Yorick, here are a few tips to understand why someone would play Yorick: He is fun In the jungle, his ghouls tank for him QWER turns a 1v1 into a 1v5 Unique ability to solo Rift Herald without preparation He is fun He is easily understood by playing 1 game as him(Think of all the times he was free, that one time at release 5 years ago) He has depth, despite playing him for roughly 100 games, I gotta say trying new things always seems possible, you never have reached your limit Now the real thing: I am a die-hard Yorick fan who will play him even if there are better options(Like when playing in Silver when you have 0 tanks guaranteed, other than yourself). Simply I love this guy, and I know that he has a sound place in League of Legends. It is gonna suck if they release the full rework, because I know that something is gonna get hit hard to "Make him more fun to play against". I personally have not played against a fed Yorick, but I do know that going pretty much anyone tanky and {{champion:83}} will have a hard to time killing you. Like say:{{champion:36}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:27}}...you get the point, there is a role in the current meta the serves as a direct counter to this character Yorick's 1v1's leave him forced to run if a 2nd person shows up, 2v5 is not 1v5 He has no Point & Click hard CC(Taric/part of Sion), a feature that no one wants to play against. {{champion:83}} is like playing an RPG, you are just a plain old dude, but ya got the guys to speed you up(Q), slow 'em down(W), and to heal you(lifesteal E), also the backup(ult), this is nostalgic, as well as fun, because no matter what happens you feel as though there is something you can do. You always have an option to improve your lot. Top lane characters are generally counters to {{champion:83}} because of how tanky they are. Did you know that you are not supposed to attack the ghouls? They take reduced damage from AOE effects, and have a tiny click box for a reason... I don't understand why you would rework him, Yorick is an iconic character that no one has looked into, it is because of his price. _New players hear about how troll Teemo and Singed are, and they can afford to buy them, but Yorick is 4800, and most people don't spend their time(IP) on a whim that the champ they are buying will be fun. _ {{champion:83}} does not have the ability to burst someone down before the respond with any damage, he is the kind of guy that overwhelms the enemy. The class the he hurts the most are the immobile mages, {{champion:45}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:143}}, but almost all of those have a Snare or Stun, yes a skill shot, but unless Yorick has recently used his Q(which requires auto attacking), he will have a hard time juking and doing his damage. He is design fits very well into the large system of checks and balances, but still is his own unique character. {{champion:83}} has insane Mana neediness. His passive makes it so that for each ghoul he has down, he does 5% more damage with his auto attacks, NOT 5% bonus AD. So if he want to do 15% bonus damage with auto attack, he needs to QWE, costing a minimum of 40+55+55, **160MANA**, because Yorick needs as many ghouls down as possible to win fights, or to push lane, or sustain well in the jungle, he can spend up to 160 mana every 10 second, even when there are no enemy Champions nearby. {{champion:83}}'s ghouls literally stop in place if the enemy walks into a bush that he does not have vision of. His only method of dealing "Tons of Damage", is entirely negated by walking into a bush that Yorick does not have vision of. This is made worse by the fact the his only skill shot(20% on cast, 10% on contact Slow) is required to keep his quarry within range of his other ghouls. {{champion:83}} Being designed with 3 key weaknesses, very low mana, and low range, and easy damage denial, you would think that Yorick is balanced and does not need a rework. And the Item sets favor him more and more, with Items like {{item:3812}} giving you additional healing, or the changes to {{item:3028}} making it even easier for him to sustain mana wise. Anyone at riot think giving an item a better passive than a champ(Veigar) might be a problem? {{item:3146}} Provides a solid alternative to {{item:3812}} and also gives him AP(100%AP scaling on his W's AOE summon, max AP is above 1.2k). {{item:3004}} or {{item:3003}} are required on {{champion:83}} there are almost no ways around those items, the hits 2400 or 3100 of his early game gold, and that is the only way he can get out of the mana rut. Changes to summoner's rift have changed where {{champion:83}} can be played to work around his third chief weakness. With the creation of a third bush top, it has made it easier for opponents with just a little mobility to out run him. However with the repeated bush clearing in the Jungle, from Blue to Baron, and Red to Rift Herald, it has become much easier for him to dominate in the jungle.
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