The problem with Shyvana isn't her human form

It's that her Dragon form is better used as an escape leap than anything. Seriously, you ult into an enemy team and gain AoE... woo... She is the only Juggernaut I know of with no sustain/heal. And her team fighting fails so hard compared to many others(Darius, Illoai >.>) because she jumps in(usually gets blocked by the first CC issued and falls 500 units short) then gains some AoE. The enemy team isn't scared of her, at all. Illoai or Darius walking in your general direction is scarier than Shyvana's ult. Garen's execute and silence are scarier then Shyvana's ult. Nasus ult maintains the fear that Wither and a high stack Q already has. My suggestion? Certainly do NOT add damage. Shyvana has that up the ass. Add minor sustain to her ult, that does NOT scale off of tank stats(she is a Juggernaut/Diver). My suggestion is fix her E animation to make it look like a plume of fire. Oops... wrong topic. My suggestion that while in Dragon Form(honestly it could probably work in human form without being too strong as long as it doesn't heal on jungle mobs) the initial damage of Shyvana's E along with the on hit damage it does, heals Shyvana for the damage done. That's it. That on top of fixing the terrible hit box on her R(maybe fixing how easily she is CC'd during her leap?) should make her viable again. In my opinion her lack of team fight sustain, and the fact that 1v1 dragon form is next to useless, is really holding her back. Thoughts from other Shyvana players on if this is a good idea? Thoughts from non-Shyvana players if this is too much? Post below!
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