Yorick Mori Remembered AF Dev Team Q&A [NOW COMPLETE]

http://i.imgur.com/vLHENH1.jpg YORICK REWORK Q&A IS NOW COMPLETE. Some of us will pop back in when we can to answer follow-up questions, but the main Q&A has concluded. Thanks for participating! This Q&A hosted by: Alex _"Riot Ranger XIV"_ Sherrell - **QA Analyst** Sol _"Solcrushed"_ Kim - **Gameplay** Brian _"Bitsplosion"_ Thompson - **VFX artist** John _"JohnODyin"_ O'Bryan - **Narrative** Ryan _"Cactopus"_ Rigney - **Publishing** Kory _"Ququroon"_ Dearborne - **QA Analyst** Larry _"Riot LegendLarry"_ Colvin - **Art Outsourcing** Christopher _"Riot Rainslight"_ Eaton - **Gameplay Video** Gem _"Lonewingy"_ Lim - **Concept Artist**
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