Skins are starting to make champions look like other champions, and it sucks.

The main culprit for me is High Noon Lucian or whatever the skin name is that makes him look like TF. There's a few others, can't think of them off the top of my head. Skins are cool and I love them, and I get that's probably Riot's #1 source of income -- but we really need to do a better job of making sure skins don't give any kind of strategic advantage. If I think Lucian is TF for even .0001 second, that's a disadvantage for me. Even if it doesn't amount to anything -- it shouldn't be happening. It COULD HAVE amounted in something. That's not OK. We banned some annie skin from pro play a while back because you couldn't see her projectiles. iBlitzcrank was re-worked at one point because you couldn't see his grab coming. I think there was something with Zombie Brand at one point, too? Couldn't you tell if a bush was warded or something? I forget. But anyway -- We need to re-think whether or not is ok for champions to look like other champions just by equipping a certain skin.
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