Agency = / = Power. Crit Hypercarry ADCs have too much power but too little agency.

Around this time, ADC was in a shitty state - everyone hit their spikes faster, tanks were broken, tower first blood gave the jungler more incentive to camp bot, and the increased pace of games meant ADCs never got to their strong points, unless they built lethality. This was the "ADC in 2K17" meta. Now, obviously the situation is very different today (some would call it the "Top in 2K18 lul" meta or the "Everyone else in 2K18 lul" meta, but despite that, the role _still_ isn't very satisfying, despite having in theory a decisive influence on games once you hit your 2-3 item spike. Why not satisfying? Agency, the same reason top isn't satisfying. So you're facing a 7-1 Twitch and he's shredding your team. You got 2 shotted by the Shiv crit or whatever and you feel frustrated. But the question is, how did the Twitch get to that point? Was it because he outlaned your ADC and snowballed the game? For the most part no. Did the Twitch skillfully position to avoid assassin damage or evade a key cooldown? Nope. Twitch got fed because his jungle ganked bot 5 times while your jungle was farming (and somehow being out CSed), and you can't shut him down because Janna negates your entire kit. Twitch literally just needs to throw a few autos out and he wins the game, but he's really just a baby on a stroller that needs to be mothered for 30 mins until he can melt the enemy team. And if he doesn't get babied, he goes 1-4 instead, his autos tickle the enemy frontline, and he dies with 2nd least damage dealt. So what's the solution? Clearly Riot has decided to "reward" marksmen with skyhigh DPS, at the cost of being dependent on their team. But because your team is a variable in SoloQ, it basically takes player skill and agency out of the equation. You didn't win the game because you were a better ADC, you won the game because your team (particularly your Jungle/Support, two roles that have had a massive amount of power, reliability and quality of life added to them) was better. Basically the polar opposite of what most players see the ladder as. But we can't add agency to the class, because of their extreme mid-late game damage. So it's pretty clear in my mind what has to go. Now, how to go about this? I have my preferences, but I'd like to get a discussion going.

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