Garen is oddly "balanced"

I think the way Garen is balanced is that he is countered by high mobility champions. Also, if you can CC him hard enough he can't really do much. But then he has so much also working in his favor. He does not seem to fall off. If he is in the team fight he will hurt. He will like Q + E + R and delete a champion from the fight. If your team does not build enough damage to pop him while he is CC'd he regain his health and brush it off.. He is very tanky even without tank items. If he builds full tank he is a nuisance to deal with, and if he catches you he will still deal so much damage. God forbid you are good at the game, or you will get hit with "villain" (bullshit mechanic). If he builds full damage he destroys you so easy. His E alone easily deals over 1k damage. Q + E + R would probably combo for 2k+ HP. Its like an assassin Garen, except he is still tanky AF.... Look at the link below. This guy built {{item:3046}} {{item:3508}} you would think that building bad in the game would be punishing towards you. But not when you play a champion like Garen. Everything is easy when you play Garen.. You got a little of everything, and you don't need any skill to use it, and neither do you have to worry about risk, because Garen's innate tankiness does not allow him to be punished for shit like this. It is so incredibly silly. he dealt more damage than I did as Wukong full damage. Yet he was 3 times tankier than me.... If it weren't for how strong he was I woulda been able to carry that game..... I hate that champion....
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