800g countering an entire champion's design is lame... but try 0 gold.

{{item:3123}} vs {{champion:266}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:50}} That said, and I agree with that sentiment, isn't it unfair then also for a free item to entirely counter the draw of playing a champion? {{item:3341}} vs {{champion:17}} I understand many Teemo mains think he is "fine". And that melee top laners hate him(at least he isn't Quinn, squishier, worse escape and worse team fighting). But something needs to be done with this champion. He has been considered a troll pick since S2. Fine that is okay same with Heimer. But now with this vision stuff it is becoming clear he has some clear design issues. Plants counter him, scanner counters him, control wards counter him. Not to mention the addition of another spellshield... yey... I personally think he needs a rework, a major one. But others need it more. Any short term suggestions(other than removing him) do you have to make Teemo a viable, balanced and solid pick?
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