Did someone put a curse on my account ?!

I don't know what the actual fuck is going on. I was d2 70 lp, now I'm d3 20 lp. I had a pretty good win rate at 60% and 80 wins to diamond 2 from plat 3 after placements. Now no matter what I play, I just lose. I went to play normals, I lost 7 games in a row. I took a week break TWICE. Came back today, lost 2 in a row. If you check my opgg, I lost the last 17 out of 20 games played. WHAT IS GOING ON ?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! Not gonna lie, I was tilted from the retarded matchmaking which was pretty much every game + autofill. Having a d5 top laner that got autofilled vs. a d1 top lane main, you don't have to pull out your calculator to figure out who won that game. Stuff like that got me tilted, but that's why I took 2x week breaks. However, when I came back nothing changed. Not saying my teams are holding me back, but I just feel like I have no impact on the game. Win or lose, the game is decided in the first 10 mins and you see immediatly who got autofilled/or just a big mmr difference. I wish riot would give us their opinion on the matchmaking and if they have any plans whatsoever to change it. Because for the last month, it's getting really hard to convince myself it's worth grinding this game anymore.
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