Stage 4 Kha'Zix: The Ultimate Predator

Hey Community. I was thinking, it is really hard to find good images of a stage 4 Kha'Zix. In fact, I don't think anyone has even documented a Stage 4 Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix. So I decided to take some screenshots of all versions of Kha'Zix fully evolved. Check it out! (click the image to see it closer) I thought this would also be a good time to mention something odd about "The Hunt is On!" interaction with Rengar and Kha'Zix. After Rengar's rework, the balance of this event has shifted in a strange way. Currently, Rengar cannot lose stacks on his Bonetooth Necklace - this used to be his reward for killing Kha'Zix. That means that when The Hunt starts, Rengar has nothing to gain and nothing to lose, whereas Kha'Zix depends on it to complete his evolution. It makes the environment more about shutting down Kha'Zix and less about competing for a special prize. After doing a lot of testing with some friends, I found that a full build Kha'Zix with full evolution will almost always die to a full build Rengar. The power increase of the final evolution is significant, but not as strong as you may think. I was thinking: would it be a healthy gameplay choice to either make The Hunt a purely aesthetic event (like the queen of the Feljord quest) by making Kha'Zix's 4th evolition attainable outside of the hunt, or should Rengar be altered to make the event more high stakes for both teams? Personally, I'd like to see Kha'Zix able to evolve 4 times by some alternate method. Perhaps by killing Baron at level 18 to help emphasize the apex predator theme? What are your thoughts? -------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Thanks to Lord Duston for pointing this out. Rengar actually gets increased vision range while in a bush if he wins The Hunt. I still think that Kha'Zix should have some method of evolution outside of The Hunt though. I don't know any Rengar players that get excited about situational vision range (If they even know about it at all), but I know that every Kha'Zix player dreams of a fourth evolution. While it's good that both champs get something for the hunt, Kha'Zix gains far more than Rengar. Even if it included (another) little nerf to Kha'Zix, having a fourth evolution point earn-able in regular matchups would really help make his character more interesting overall. It would let players live their fantasy, and the objective to gain the point could be used to help increase objective awareness. As it stands now, Kha'Zix is one of the only Champs that has a section of their kit cut off to them: even Viktor can fully evolve now. Perhaps it could be retuned so they both compete for better vision, and Kha'Zix can find a new way to reach his final form. -------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT 2: Arrevax made a wonderful point that bears note. As Kha'Zix is now, he is extremely hard to balance, since his evolve pattern can be unpredictable. As is, developers need to balance 4 different playstyles for Kha'Zix, one for each missing ability in the final build. By allowing a natural fourth evolution, he would be more balance-able since there would be only one late game form. Plus this makes point allocation more about adapting to the match you are in at that point in the game as opposed to deciding what to leave out. Additionally, it will ensure Kha'Zix never ends up like old Viktor with one dominant evolution path.
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