"Tanks do too much damage"

https://streamable.com/zzew0 This is a good overkill example of how tanks do NOT do too much damage. The raw damage output of this combo was 1,084 damage before resistances are calculated. That is a 572 armor Malphite that (not surprisingly) died in two seconds after that Ultimate to only Fiora and Jinx. The Most tanks do not deal 1k damage. Most tanks will only deal about 500 damage with a full combo. Don't get me wrong. I am not calling for tanks to have more damage. I wouldn't even mind if they did LESS damage. However, what I am wanting is for tanks to survive for significantly longer. It doesn't make a lot of sense to die so quickly to two AD only champions when Fiora didn't even use her ult in about two seconds. Particularly when the tank has nearly 600 armor. As it stands, tanks don't really have a lane to go to. Tanks are suffering in every single role in the game. The only tank in the game that is performing well right now is {{champion:20}} in the Jungle position. It has been an extremely long time since the meta has favored tanks. I don't count a single tank ( {{champion:14}} ) performing well in top lane as the meta favoring tanks. Of course... When Sion was strong, it was because he had enough DAMAGE to deal with all of the ranged poke champions in the top lane. I don't care about damage. It is way past time for tanks to have the ability to extend the duration of team fights due to better survivability. Tone down the obnoxious damage or find ways for tanks to survive whether it be through itemization or reworks. There is zero reason to play a tank in the top lane. You pick a tank top lane with the intent of losing your lane, but to be a rock for your team in team fights. Right now, they lose lane way too hard in the oppressive match ups, they can't reliably peel with too much mobility creep, and they can't reliably engage with survivability being too low.
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