RIOT, you gutted Akali and nerfed Irelia, why is Yasuo still untouched?

lets look at Yasuo's kit his passive gives double crit chance and a SCALING shield for moving his Q is pretty balanced except for cool downs but thats just Yasuo his W is just a better Xin Zhao ultimate, Xin's ultimate blocks all projectiles within a certain distance from him and only blocks the damage for him. Yas's W doesn't block projectiles, it destroys them completely. So ulti's from Miss Fortune or Lucian gets completely destroy and anyone behind that wall is completely fine. It even blocks cc. his E lets him dash around lane with a 2 second cool down, he can't dash to the same minion twice for a certain amount of time but the player doesn't even have to keep track of who they've dashed to, the game does it for them. his ult lets him ignore 50% armor and gives his crit chances bonus armor pen. You took away akali's healing on her Q and l took away her turret invis on her W, you pretty much fucked her while Yasuo is still untouched.
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