It really sucks to be an immobile mage not named Malzahar right now

They feel awful to play and it's killed my interest in playing mid lane. They have trash items, lost resistances, and most are forced to use a support keystone because Phase Rush, Arcane Comet, and Electrocute/Domination path aren't viable options on them. AD assassins out damage them from the moment they get {{item:3134}} and AP assassins get to zone and bully the immobile mages while the mages are forced to sit there and take it unless their name is Malzahar. While I love Malzahar, I don't want to be forced to play him every game because he's the only one who can deal with the popular mid laners. btw yes I know bruisers are shit right now too but thats a topic better suited for a top laner EDIT: Changed the title so i wouldn't get 1000 comments about Malzahar being a great mid because people only read the title
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