Riot, I Beg You, Minimum 5 Normal Games Played Before You Are Allowed To Use That Champ In Ranked

I dont think 5 is too much to ask for. People should not be allowed to use a champ they ZERO experience with in a ranked game. And people should no be forced to have to coach someone who has no clue how their champ works, what items to buy and so on and so on. I dont mind giving someone tips.....but i should not have sit there and look at someone sitting at the fountain for long periods of time having to read the descriptions of what their abilities do in a ranked game and i dont have time to spend the whole game telling you about your champ. The team should be focused on other things not having to take time to type to teach you about the champ you chose to play in a ranked game. Its just stupid to play a ranked game with a champ that you have never played 1 single game with. Not even a normal game, not even a bot game....absolutely no experience with. What makes these people think this is a good idea and best for the team? EDIT: To anyone taking the "normal games" as word for word what is really meant is any game that is not a ranked game........ARAM, any rotating game mode, bot games...just something........anything to stop people for playing a champ in a ranked game that they have never played before at all and costing someone their promo game. It just sucks. EDIT#2: Some people are trying to use the fact that they do not have a lot of time to play and only play a few games a week as their way to argue that people should not have to have a minimum games played on a certain champ to be able to use that champ in ranked play. So put yourself in that situation. Lets say its a day you have time to play and you have time for 2 your 1st game you end up with someone using a champ they have never played before. it is single handily the reason your team lost. (Not saying it was a guaranteed win if the person was very experienced on the champ but your odds of winning was greatly reduced before the game even started because f the simple fact the person had no clue how to play or build their champ). So now you basically just wasted half of the time you had to play in your limited time you had.
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