New Champ Select is WONDERFUL - QQ all you want we NEEDED this!

Its beautiful It cuts down on arguments in champ select It allows me to narrow my focus and not have to be amazing in 5 roles...understanding each role and knowing all the matchups are not the same thing. It can be very difficult and stressful when you are in your promos and forced onto an uncomfortable role, and you end up laning against someone you have never played against before. Most important point. There will never be a League of Legends 2. This game HAS to move forward. It has to look different, feel a bit different, and slowly evolve into a "next in series" or "Gen 2" game. In League 2 I imagine there would be an evolved champ select, prettier client menus, different masteries and different items...maybe even a different MAP????????? New stories, new modes, new Q's??? That is all Gen 2 stuff. If league stays stagnate and does not evolve IT WILL DIE! If you care enough about the game to complain and try to get Riot to make significant game changes, then you need to allow League to creep its way into 2016 and forward. The only way to stop tomorrow is to die today so you never see you really want league to die? EDIT: Riot made me sad [There will be a solo q only AND dynamic Q]( So basically you have two with your friends for a meaningless ranking OR play all by yourself so people you have never met can go "damn hes Diamond?!" I dont know man...sounds sketchy to me.

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