Fiora is incredibly unsatisfying and unfun to play right now. Needs buffs? A rework?

Is Fiora going to get some buffs or a rework or something at any point this season? A lot of things going against her right now and its very frustrating even attempting to play her. **Major Season 9 Nerfs** Tiamat nerfs. This nerf hurt her early game and her transition into a second item. Going Tiamat into ER or Tri Force was a fairly good strat and because other champions were abusing it Tiamat had its upgrade cost gutted to nerf them. ER got deleted as an item for her. Essence Reaver got reverted to be more useful for ADCs again. Makes sense because it was an ADC item to begin with and was being abused by champions that maybe it shouldnt have been abused by. Only problem was the biggest abusers like Riven have much better synergy now with Spear of Shojin than Fiora ever will. Fiora benefited greatly from the mana and mana sustain on Essence Reaver because her split pushing sucks up a decent amount of mana in order for her to clear quickly. And if Fiora runs out of mana she loses all of her fighting ability. Fiora is shockingly one of the most mana dependent fighters in the whole game. Without mana she is very squishy and has low auto attack damage due to not being able to buy crit or attack speed items. People will say "Well just manage your mana better" and while that is true Fioras split push speed is actually extremely slow if you are not casting abilities. Because she cannot buy attack speed or crit she clears minion waves slower than pretty much every other split push champion in the game. Conq got massively nerfed for her. This is fairly straight forward. Conq has less AD now. Less AD means less true damage for Fioras passive. The healing is nice but the AD was better. Its overall a weaker rune on Fiora now than it was before. The sad part is its still probably her best rune for various reasons. **Issues with Fioras gameplay** Right now Fiora is really unsatisfying for a large range of reasons. I could probably break it down into 2 or 3 main things. **Win conditions** Her main win condition of split pushing is not working out right now. Her mana restrictions and slow clear speed make split pushing feel like as Fiora I am never putting on any real pressure or having an impact. On top of that she never feels like she has any kill pressure or 1v1 priority that can be exploited to advance your teams progress towards winning a game. Even if you are crazy fed her clear speeds and tower taking are not impressive for a champion whose main and really only win condition is split pushing. The other way you can try to win on Fiora is by team fighting. And thats really not a great option. You can either ult the frontline and try to get the heal for your team and do a little bit of % damage to the tank. This will likely end with you getting shredded in 3-4 auto attacks by the enemy ADC because you are very squishy. But maybe you can get your ult heal off and your team can pull a team fight win off of that. Or you can try and go for the back line. Again this will likely end with you getting kited and shredded in 3-4 auto attacks by the ADC. I think Fioras biggest team fight weakness is just her lack of engage or good gap closers. Her only real way to get into the back line is flank or flash + Q. And if you mess up even slightly on either of those things you will get killed for free almost instantly. If the enemy bot lane won their lane and you try this the majority of the time you will die. Fiora does not do enough damage fast enough or have the survivability or escapes to successfully team fight. **Power Curve** Fioras power curve is just utter garbage. Theres no real other way to explain it. I'm sure other champions have a power curve similar to this but idk. It feels like her play style combined with this weird power curve results in an unsatisfying experience for pretty much everyone involved(Her and her opponents). She is fairly strong from levels 1-4. Then from levels 6 until she has 2+ items she feels really weak most matches. Her items are Hydra and Tri Force. 2 of the most expensive items in the game. So getting those 2 items takes a lot longer to get to than some other champions. Her early/mid game are very weak and her late game does not really justify that. Because once it gets into late game team fights she falls off again because her team fighting is so bad that she becomes even weaker than she was mid game. This leads to never really feeling that powerful the majority of games or having a clear sense of strength. When I play someone like Renekton or Kayle the power window is very defined and you know how strong you are pretty much every game without fail. Even after 1 million+ Fiora mastery it can be really hard to judge if you are actually strong at this point in the match because your power fluctuates up and down so much relative to what else is going on in the match. A lot of the time you don't know until all of the sudden you get dropped in 3 auto attacks by someone you thought you had finally outscaled 10 minutes ago but now they have outscaled you again even though you are still ahead on gold on what you thought was a late game champion. **Counter match ups** Fiora has an incredible, shocking, insane, unbelievable 20+ counters that she has a 45% win rate or lower. As a Fiora main I would need literally **20 bans** to ban all of Fioras sub **45%** win rate match ups. Why is this a thing. Why is she so utterly useless in so many match ups. This is probably the most frustrating part about Fiora. Imagine having so many counter match ups that even if both teams worked together to ban every single one. There would still be enough hard counters that the enemy team could form an entire 5 team composition of Fiora counter picks **TWICE OVER**. Look at this. As a comparison Vayne top lane has 5 bad match ups Fiora is in such a terrible spot right now and she is not even on the radar for any real buffs from what I can tell. At this point she might need a rework or some kit changes because idk if giving her any real meaningful buffs is really going to help the situation without making her super frustrating to play against. I didn't include any solutions to the problems I have mentioned in this post but I do have quite a few ideas. This post was already long enough I thought though and it was mainly to highlight the issues I feel that Fiora is currently having. As a closer for fun though this is what a 5-2 Fiora vs a 1-5 AD Kayle looks like late game.
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