Lux has been too strong and too safe a pick for too long

Apart from the obvious in bot and mid, the long range ult with that cd passive that does good damage even with support items, the strong multi-allie shield that shields twice and the easy poke on her e (idc what people say its fast enough with long enough of a range to predict enemy bot lane and land it on at least one person). My major issue is with her E. 'just dodge skillshot lol', idc what people say it is a fast projectile, has a bigger hitbox than the animation, and has a double root. Even if you try to dodge it and she throws it where you were before you dodged it, your never fast enough to move out of its hitbox. She is way too safe a pick and brings utility and damage and in good hands is a consistently very strong champ in any matchup. That E needs to either single root so that me or one of my teammates can at least get at her or it needs to be slowed down by 25-30% because even at a decent distance and prediction it can't really be dodged with tier 2 boots.
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