I Got This to Say to Everyone About Sona's Current State

This doesn't go to just Riot. This doesn't go to just the players. This thread addresses *everyone,* cause I got a bone to pick with, well, everyone commenting on Sona's current state. Making this intro short cause I got *a lot* to say. If you don't want to read the whole thing, jump to the part that addresses you, either Riot, Sona mains, or everyone else. @Riot: Like, honestly, I can't sugarcoat this at all. You guys have made repeatedly *horrible* decisions in regards to this champ ever since...well...that initial rework. Now, that initial rework is forgivable since we know by now that many of your early reworks were more like "targeted solutions" more than "general champ improvement". Yi, Evelynn, Nidalee, Sion's massive ap ratios, and so on make good examples. So, when Sona has 1k range auras that toss out tons of gold value from forever away, Riot reworked her *with that specific problem in mind.* However, unlike Sion's rework, Sona got off more like Evelynn and Yi where many *other* poorly aging elements of her kit weren't even thought about. That said, Riot comes out saying "We're gonna give Sona and Leona some touching up" after Sona players kinda got sick of the shit...and all Riot did was make the issue worse. WAY worse. See, the issue is that Sona's kit is fully automated with no counter-play. You guys dealt with the range issue, but her kit *still has no counter-play* and *still automatically aims everything for you, save one button.* When announcing that mini-rework, if you guys weren't going to make a real, lasting solution like you did with Xin Zhao and Rek'Sai, why do it? You guys gave her this cdr gimmick, and now she stomps low elo *even harder* when she's decent in high elo because she balanced *even more* around mindlessly mashing buttons and pumping numbers into your face. The mini-rework was horribly misguided and I stand by that. Nothing about it pushes for smarter, more rewarding play of the character, and it actually *reduces* the gap between more and less skilled Sona players. But even if we move past that, you guys STILL didn't have to go through with the entire Q nerf. Like, everyone on the Sona mains Reddit was calling it after the W nerf that you guys were going to nerf Q later, and OF COURSE you guys played into it. If Sona's Q is the issue, why did you nerf *the other shit?* If you aren't reverting those nerfs *why not tone down the Q nerf?* We were vocal. I made a ton of threads on it. Sona's stats were already dropping as we grew nearer to the patch date. The hell was up with that nerf? Like, **seriously,** this type of shit lets me know that my posts on this forum mean jack shit. I even take the time to make sure I'm citing sources so I'm not spreading misinformation, as I've seen how it negatively effects you guys on here, but I can see that it's more productive to feed into mass hysteria than to actually try to post responsibly on here. Will take note. @Sona Players: Now for YOU GUYS. YOU guys have this issue where you want to have your cake and eat it, too. You can't have a kit as fully-automatic as Sona's feel as impactful and powerful as someone like Rakan's or Taric's. You can't have a kit that hyper-scales also be a lane bully early on, either. I don't know why on Earth Sona players are *so* attached to the worst parts of Sona's kit, but if you REALLY want to get out of this loop of getting nerfed like any other champ, but hating it more than any champ's mains, with this MASSIVE victim complex even when Sona's doing pretty decent in a meta (as far as solo queue goes) you guys gotta accept that this champ's kit is all kinds of bonkers given what she's *supposed to be doing.* Sona's a support, right? The problem is that she has no thing she's really supposed to do in this game. She's got no real niche, and this hyper-scaling one is Riot's piss poor attempt at making one since her kit doesn't allow for one. Scaling aside, Sona's Q sucks for strong offensive plays (it's literally nothing but damage. No secondary effects). Sona's W sucks for strong defensive plays (doesn't when you have items, but we're disregarding that cause I'm making a point). Sona's E sucks for strong re-positioning options. Sona's R honestly only works pretty well for defense without Flash, but many supports do this better with stronger tools for defensive purposes. So...wtf does this champ do? You guys are SO IN LOVE with a champ that functionally does jack shit unless she hoards a small fortune. For what? Literally what about this kit are we fighting for? I love the design and concept of Sona herself, but her kit just doesn't get anything accomplished unless the enemy lets that happen. There's no point to picking Sona outside of being broken or abusing people that can't fight her well. Her only thing is "If your opponent lets you, you become super strong". **IT'S JUST LIKE MASTER YI.** Why are Sona players complacent with that? If the point is "She plays music" or "She has aoes", I imagine there's plenty of other ways for that to be done without having Sona be "Stat Check: The Champion". @Everyone Else: To everyone saying "Sona's fine" as she is now, I'ma have to say "no". Sona is *very* easy to play decently well with. That said, in a balanced solo queue, you should expect Sona's win rate to be higher than 48% in Diamond play. That's FIORA AND YASUO'S "balanced". Champs like Amumu, Sona, and Janna have "balanced" win rates around 50 to 52 percent, with some variation. Janna, in this hard-engage meta, has a 52% win rate on Lolalytics. Sona has fucking 48%, and loses more than she wins against almost any actual support champ. Then again, Sona got rapid-fire nerfed for 3 patches while Phreak was telling us "You guys shouldn't even max Q anyway". Now hardly anyone deemed a high elo Sona main by Lolalytics hasn't touched her in forever since the nerf landed. **_These. Nerfs. Were. Not. Fair._** And yeah, I get that some champs get it worse, but Sona didn't have to be put in this state in the first place. She was already calming down. Riot was already prepared to nerf her itemization and rune setups. WHY NERF HER Q, TOO? Just needed to get that off my chest. Also, even if Riot does a 180 on the nerfs, I'm STILL gonna advocate for a game play overhaul for Sona. There's so much you can say about it that just furthers the question of "Why on Earth did you leave it this way for so long?".

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