Before you make a post about balance... >#1) Skill level No matter what, different champions will do better or worse at different skill levels. Eventually it becomes a question of whether you'll do better abusing player mistakes (Blitzcrank) or abusing champion strengths (Lee Sin). Know that when people comment they very well may be looking at the champion pool with a different lens. >#2) Professional Play To properly gauge a champion's strength in terms of balance you need an even playing field. Outside pro-level play the skill of the player can be a match's downfall as much as the champion. Pro-level play is the closest one can get to an even playing field between champions and thus the best way to analyze where the balance of the system itself stands. This is not to say balancing for lower levels doesn't happen, but it happens much less because it is difficult to cater to certain skill levels without adversely affecting everyone else. This doesn't invalidate your opinion in any way, but I hope this help explain why a champion's impact in professional play draws out balance changes faster than in normal games. >#3) Design Core As stated by Scarizard [here]( there are many factors that play into balance decisions. One of the larger bits of Riot's balance philosophy is that balance is geared towards **platinum and above** play, as it is generally regarded that games below that rank have just as much power disparity from player skill and understanding as it does from actual system balance. *This does not in any form devalue the opinions and feedback of lower ranked players* but if you are confused about a recent balance decision you need to keep in mind where the balance is revolving. >#4) Reasoning If you don't explain why you're not happy with the game's balance, then why should we read your post? How can we possibly sympathize with you? In other words, "I lost" is not a valid reason for a champion being OP/UP. >#5) Current Environment Many times in a season champions that haven't seen play and received no change can suddenly be bumped into popularity/viability and become a dominant pick. Most of the time this is because the meta around said champion changed to a much more favorable match up for said champ. Keep that in mind when you're confused about a nerf out of nowhere or a buff to a counter somewhere along the way. >#6) Prioritize discussion If you come expecting a Red response and you're going to be dissapointed with every comment that *isn't* a Red comment. Guess what, you're going to be dissapointed. It's much easier to draw out a Red by spurring conversation among the community. It's much easier for the Red in question to respond to a comment on a more specific subject than it is directly to a post. Many, many people unwittingly create trap posts about balance. Posts that breach multiple topics or different avenues of thought towards the same topic, allowing the OP plenty of room to rebut literally anything a counter-argument can bring. You must be willing to listen to others if you expect to be listened to. ---- ######2/25/15 ---- re-worded Pro-play section ######4/24/15 ---- reminder: guys, I'm not a Red. Just by the way..... ######5/19/15 ---- Added Design Core section for more accurate statement on Riot policy ######10/15/15 --- Added Current Environment section
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