with all those partial reverts, comebacks and balance changes in the PBE

can you make a revision to this guy? {{champion:90}} been playing him since S3-4 and he has gone from fine to literaly unplayable, at least from my POV. i expect reverting him isnt be possible since people got used to his new gameplay but i'd like to propose a set of changes that not only would help to keep with his current kit but also to somehow return some of his pre-Rework potential in order to balance some of the issues he had after the mage update: **1. new hability "Void Zone", replaces current W:** in a nutshell its just Null Zone + Void Swarm as a gated extra effect. you may say "y tho?", well,first of all, Null Zone was originally part of his hability set back then, during the rework it was moved to R in order to provide some AoE potential on his ultimate. however in its current state, R is used against single targets, yes it can lock an objective during teamfights but the AoE isnt really noticeable at all. if Null Zone is moved out of R, it can then become a proper AoE tool during teamfights while R can be focused as a proper locking and damage ultimate both for his 1v1 use and utility potential. as for Void Swarm. one of the main problems that the mage update brought was that the freedom of spawning voidlings out of thin air was too much for the oponent to cope with. this is evident with the continuous set of changes done to the little guys after the rework. the rework gutted their damage potential first, then they were gated to 1-2 per, then they became instakilled by champion basic attacks, and finally their damage got swapped from physical to magical (despited being originally a focus of the AD build). it came to that because they were freely given with a single cast, there's no possibility to have a Voidling centric build anymore without using AP itemization and in their current state they are too slow and vulnerable to being shot down, becoming mere farming tools (when in the past they could shred an enemy with proper previous setup). in order to bring the voidlings to that original version (or something close to say, {{champion:83}} ' ghouls). Void Swarm would no longer be a main hability and instead it would be an hability added to the Null Zone which was btw, very dull on its original version. keeping it up with Malz's new lore, the new hability would work like the following **W: Void Zone** _"Creates an area of void energy at the cursor's position for X amount of time, dealing Y(+X% AP) amount of magic damage per second to the enemies on it. Malzahar's habilities empower the field, allowing voidlings to manifest after an X amount of spells have been casted_ _Voidlings scale with Malzahar's health and defenses, dealing Y(+X% AD) physical damage to enemies with their basic attacks and applying on hit effects. Voidlings will prioritize enemies infected with Malefic Visions or under the effect of Nether Grasp with an X% movement speed bonus towards focused enemy champions. Voidlings inside the AoE of a Void Zone will also get a Y% attack speed bonus"_ basically, Null Zone would be the AP part of this hability, so players cattering to an spellcasting gameplay can use it both as a zoning hability and also as a clearing one (in conjunction with Q). the Voidlings are balanced in that they dont deal magic damage or bonus from it anymore, and instead go for their original state in that they were an extra minion you could summon to help with waveclear and also as a dangerous force if focusing in an AD centric build. note that they would still be vulnerable to champion basic attacks, just that they would be tankier against non champion oponents. they would interact with the rest of the kit in that they would still focus on enemies infected with E or locked with R, the MS buff is only experimental and it can be removed. in addition, the old extra damage against minions is lost but they get an attack speed bonus when they are summoned and stay fighting inside the Void Zone. **2. R damage compensations: ** nothing too fancy, Nether Grasp would inherit the max health damage % bonus. someting like "deals X(+Y% AP) + X% of enemy's max health as magic damage). basically, the bulk of R is still on the AP scaling, but it would have a bit of max health bonus against tankier targets. finally, here's some stuff i thought but it could pose problematic **3. (optional), a more interactive passive:** Void Shift right now is like a 50/50 situation, there's people who like it and those who dont. IMO, the thing that makes it so tilting is that its a {{item:3102}} effect that is only gated by time. right now i would say its not too imposing (but there's some cases where it seems it regenerates too fast). so this optional change is meant so the hability still remains but it requires more effort to keep it. instead of beeing based on a cooldown, Void Shift would require {{champion:90}} to cast his habilities. in a manner similar to {{champion:266}} , Malz's habilities would warp him over time and slowly fill a resource bar, when fully charged he would get a warped state where he would temporary dodge the next enemy attack or hability, draining the bar to zero again. the new passive would be gated by CDR and mana, thus giving more chances for the oponents to plan a counterattack and would mean a much more strategic thinking like, "do i want to warp myself right now?" or "should i time the warping with X champion's hability so i can evade it?". things like that. outside of those changes. the rest of the kit os more or less fine, E and Q seem to be balanced, allthought they could get a small buff in damage. honestly, he needs a revision heavily. its not fun feeling like a a bag of cement for most of the matches while the enemy mid can just get a single item and start rampaging around. not even a full rotation of spells is enough to secure kills and even the smallest amount of MR fucks you up. thanks for watching, tag a Rioter if you cant, PLEASE! D:
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