Pyke is the only assassin who cant instaburst people in 0.5 seconds and he is weak because of it

This is how damage-focused the game has gotten. Pyke is the only one of his kind (assassins) without the tools to instantly delete people from full health to dead in 0.5 seconds and he is at like a 42% winrate because of it. I mean, look at his kit. He has so many things that assassins dont have. He has a hook, camouflage (some assassins have that, but i think its the minority), a stun, and the ability to regen health out of combat. And his damage isnt even that bad! His ult can kill any squishy below like 40-50% HP and it resets! But, he cant instakill you before you can even react, therefore he is weak and in need of buffs. Please consider lowering burst in this game. It is breaking balance.
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