I hate this shit

I hate that assassins are tanky. I hate that everybody has 45% cdr. I hate that ad and ap items are so good that you might as well build full ad or full ap. I hate that tanks do so much base dmg and have good scaling too. I hate that damage meta and tank meta combined into this atrocity that we have now. I hate that playing in jungle is like a single player game. I hate that ad champions on mid are basically punishing the whole team with full ad team comp, because there are not too many viable ap top and jungle choices. I hate that there is too much mobility in the game, which makes unmobile champions too easy to catch and kill. I hate that almost every match is won or lost because of a single player that doesn't give a fuck. I hate that brusers have too many various ways to counter everything, while ad and ap champions don't have such things. I hate that runes are encouraging going for more damage, without searching for smart way to make a champion individual for the player. I hate that jungle camps are so boring, with nothing done to them. I hate that duskblade is still in the game. What do you hate? This is not a rant. I gave my examples of what I don't like about the game and I want to know what about other people. Also I am not trying to make a point here. I want to know peoples thoughts about the game. That is all.
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