Looking for "coach" or someone who can help me, [cant afford paying you, sorry]

Hey, im playing League of Legends for 2 months now, i was playing it before aswell, but now playing it more often, im kinda hard stuck Bronze 3 in Flex, and Iron 1 in SoloQ, i can play any role, only not support, i would welcome any help or even tips if possible, i was many times in promo but cant win it, and now im trying to improve my self, but looks like i cant, need someone who can tell me my mistakes, server i play on is EUWE, and my nickname is songbirdiwnl, i would be grateful for any help, thanks. champs i play are top: {{champion:122}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:14}} mid {{champion:157}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:238}} adc{{champion:119}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:29}} but my fav champs (mains) are {{champion:103}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:119}}
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